Ferrari Animation

Here's a wip of the ferrari animation i did in modo. After recent projects i did 100% in modo i have conclusion that the use of this software for an animation is to time expensive in oposition to the mental ray. I had my settings pretty high but i can still see some flickering of fotons / reflections. Trying to get rid of that could push the rendering time of frame over the 15 min on my machine. The lack of custom render passes in batch, limitations of the processes shaders makes me stick to the mental ray for a long time for an animation purposes (till the iray will come). I have no idea is it possible even to render motion vectors pass in modo. I hope that the version 402 or 501 will push some things forward. Node shadering system like in lightwave will be a great gift. Ok. No more bitching. Its a good software anyway ;')

Ferrari render from Paeu on Vimeo.

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