Mojito Islands


I was involved in creating a interesting project lately. All the 3d was done in modo 401. I wish that future versions of modo will have nore tools for animations and pass rendering. Anyway, if you have any questions - send me an info. The video you can see here:

Agency: Ars Thanea
Creative Director: Bartlomiej Rozbicki
Art Directors: Peter Jaworowski, Karol Kolodzinski
Designers: Peter Jaworowski, Bartlomiej Rozbicki, Pawel Nolbert
Animation Supervisor: Karol Kolodzinski
3D Animation: Pawel Wilkos, Karol Kolodzinski
Flash Developer: Tomasz Wlodarczyk
Programmer: Jacek Jarosiewicz
Project Manager: Pawel Piotrzkowski, Agata Ziabska (XRS)
Music: Jarek Lublin

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